360 Degree Tenant Screening

360 Degree Tenant Screening

Many landlords or small real estate management organizations often struggle with tenant screening. Since they do not handle many tenants and don’t own numerous properties, these people feel overwhelmed by the screening process.

At Cache Chief, we help landlords and small property owners evaluate if the prospective tenant will be able to fulfill the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. Our team of experts assists us in analyzing the situation and making the screening process a lot easier for our clients. Additionally, while delivering tenant screening reports, we ensure that tenant integrity is maintained and both the parties are satisfied with the service.

Our key to providing excellent, 360-degree tenant screening services lies in efficient credit reports and effective background checks.

Credit Report

We formulate our tenant screening reports from trusted sources and reliable organizations. These reports not only contain every relevant information for the landlord but are also prepared to be easy-to-understand and hassle-free to analyze. These comprehensive reports contain payment history of the tenants which help landlords find worthy and reliable tenants. You can immediately decide whether you can trust the prospective tenant after receiving the report.

Background Check

We all know background check involves evaluating eviction, criminal, and fraud records. This check is important for landlords to find out if the prospective tenant is capable of fulfilling the terms of the agreement. Cache Chief offers a detailed report to landlords so that they can analyze and assess the track record and background of the people who will occupy their property.

Along with credit reports and background checks, we provide flexible services so that our clients don’t have to worry about anything. They can just find the prospective tenant and rest we will handle. These reports are also secure for tenants and applicants and totally maintain the integrity of their data.

If you also want tenant screening services, then what are you waiting for, contact us now.


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