Pre Property Survey

What is Pre-Property Survey?

  • A pre-property survey is nothing but a thorough examination and inspection of a property to evaluate its liabilities and condition. It is done to assess property defects and flaws which might lead to any cost or resource implications.
  • A pre-property survey also referred as ‘building inspection’ or ‘structural survey,’ is completed on behalf of the person buying the property. It gives full information regarding the property condition and is done before the final purchase and documentation.
  • A pre-property survey is generally needed by lending institutions and solicitors who want to find out any regulation and compliance problems and disputes in the property. They can then demand remedial work for repairing and refurbishing the property.

How will Cache Chief assist you?

We understand that buying a property or home is the biggest investment and financial choice for most people. In a situation like this, it is important to have full knowledge of the condition and situation of the property. Cache Chief helps you achieve this with pre-property survey and lets you know the liabilities and condition of the potential property that you may purchase.

It is also essential to know that pre-property survey is not the same as the one completed by mortgage provider. Your mortgage provider will only check if the property can work as a loan security. So, it is necessary to have a pre-property survey carried out separately before any legal documentation.

Cache Chief is one of the best pre-property survey providers, our experts ensure that you receive detailed information regarding the property. It not only helps you come to an informed decision but also lets you obtain sufficient knowledge of the property. We further provide assistance with full data on the condition of separate property sections and repair that it will require. Cache Chief completes this task in the least possible time and advice if you should go ahead or look for another property.

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